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About Us

We aquired our 1st Akita in 1974, it was a gift from my dad, Kita was our beloved pet, in 1985 we bought our 2nd American Akita, her name was Ch. Ben’s Shira Hime.
Shira was our 1st AKC Champion, in 1993 we aquiried our 1st import from Japan, Tetsumine Takashita Kensha (Tora), he grew up to be one of the best Japanese Akitas we ever had.
Tora won the coveted AKIHO GOLD AWARD in 1996 at the L.A. Branch Akiho Show
In 1997 I traveled to Odate Japan to observe the Spring Headquarters Show held every year across from the Headquarters building and muesum, it was truly a sight to behold to see over 200 Japanese Akitas in one day and all of them looking the same except for the color reds, whites & brindles. All these dogs looked as if they were cookie cutter, that is what a breed is suppost to look like.We spoke to different breeders, judges and officals over my past 5 trips to Japan to get a better understanding of this magnificent breed.
In Jan 2001 my wife and I, along with 6 other JACA Board members attended a Japanese Akita Judging seminar held by The Japan Kennel Club (JKC) in Tokyo Japan, we along with several FCI judges from all over the world were invited to attend , at the end of these 2 days the JKC held a JKC Specialty where we got a hands on judging of all the dogs, at the end of the show upon completion of the course, we all received our framed certificates, I know we were all proud of that.
What better place to learn about The Japanese Akita than from The country of origin, Our goal at Kobun Japanese Akitas and Shibas is to produce quality Akitas & Shibas that are healthy with sound body and minds.


Our Japanese Akitas are not registered with the American Kennel Club, they are registered with The Akita-Inu Hozonkai (AKIHO) who’s Headquarters is in Odate Japan(AKITA PREFECTURE).
We feel that American Akitas or any mix is not the same breed, we maintain that these are two distinct and separate BREEDS not TYPES!
We are members of the following organizations L.A. BRANCH AKIHO and the United Kennel Club (UKC).

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